Mortgage guide

Some tips on how to get a mortgage in Spain

In ExpoHome we are used to helping our clients when it comes to the mortgage question. We can organise you the introductionary meeting in one of the banks we collaborate with and only with the best professionals in charge.

If you consider buying a property in Spain please look through this list of documents usually asked in the Spanish banks when applying for the mortgage:

  • Personal identification:

    National identity document or Passport

    Foreigner’s ID No.

  • Proof of income:

    Salaried worker:

    2 last salary slips

    Income statement *

    Letter from the company **

    Self-employed worker:

    Income statement of selfemployed workers for the past 2 years ***

    Annual Accounts for the past 2 years

  • General

    Of the chief address:

    Proof of other source of income

    Credit Report

    Bank statement of past 6 months

    Last mortgage statement

    Lease Contract


Last P60: United Kingdom and Ireland
Last Tax Return: EUA and Canada


The company letter must indicate the type of contract, seniority, annual salary and post of the employee.


SA302: United Kingdom
P21 or Notice of Assessments: Ireland
Last Tax Return: EUA and Canada

This information here is offered to you as a guide and is approximate and should be used as such, it is not intended to replace professional legal advice.
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